Engine Room Simulator

At the institute there is a Engine Room simulator- ERS5000 Techsim from TRANSAS, which is a simulator of the existing machinery and equipment in a merchant ship.

The simulator shows a “one-on-one” model of all the machinery and equipment and the existing relationship between them.

The simulator can display all systems and assemblies in two or three dimensions, meaning that you can walk virtually in the Engine Rooms and to operate machinery or alternatively activate them from the control room screens interactively.

This simulator is designed for the training of technical personnel in full operation of a merchant ship from functioning to fault resolution of all assemblies as required by the STCW Convention.

The simulator is capable of practicing at the same time 6 trainees fully supervised by instructor from the control position.

Supervision allows viewing, changing data and scenarios in real-time when you can research the performance in retrospect through screen recordings and full activity logs. Finally, generate reports and grades for each trainee.

In addition, the simulator allows interaction between the ship hull (impact of waves, wind, steering angles, etc.) and the propulsion system in real time and response.

Finally data can unpack of all existing parameters in the simulator in the timeline.

Watch a pdf brochure and a video below.