Engine Department

The Engine course subjects lead the apprentice through the ranks of Engine officers corresponding to those of the deck professions up to the rank of Chief Engineer – the officer in charge of the propulsion and all the ship’s energy systems. The giant engine room is operated on modern ships using computerized control and operation systems.

Electrical  Department

The route for the Electric Engineering Officer is a new route, following the requirement of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) from 2010. The role of the Electrical Officer is to maintain the operation, safety and proper maintenance of all the electrical, electronic and control systems on the ship.  On each vessel there is one Electrical officer directly subordinate to the Chief Engineer.


We are conducting research in the area of marine and land transportation based on renewable energy.
We welcome at the Marine Naval institute any collaboration with the academy and industry to promote the use and integration of renewable energy mechanisms in the area of renewable transportation in all forms.
We have at our disposal high-resolution climate data that covers rural areas of Israel.
The data was contributed as the courtesy of Solcast ( http://solcast.com ) in the promotion of awareness for sustainable energy consumption, and research of the renewable energy feasibility in transportation.
The climate data contains solar irradiance, wind, temperature, and atmosphere parameters time series of 12 Years 5 min resolution historical data.
We look forward to receiving research proposals for quality research (please write to idan@imta.org.il).