Yacht Master Course

A Yacht Master Course, conducted by The Israeli Maritime Training Authority in association with Vardi Vela Sailing School and the International Sailing School Association (ISSA), was successfully completed on 2.2.2020 at the Authority for Marine Training Institute at Akko. This was the first and an exclusive course for a Master of Power Yacht Certificate, complying…

MARPOL VI course

Between 16-17.7.19 a MARPOL VI course was conducted by EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) instructors. Among the participants in the course were supervisors of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection as well as representatives of the Israeli Maritime Training Authority.

Tug Officer’s course

On 7 November 2018 ended the Tug Officer’s course that started on February with the participation of 18 trainees. The course was carried out according to the requirements of the STCW International Convention for a watch keeping Officer on ships up to 500 tons near the shore, with specialization for a tug crew.

Maneuvering of Gas Tankers (LNG) Course

Between 24-26.6.18 a course for maneuvering, mooring and un-mooring of Gas Tankers (LNG) at the gas shore terminal in Hadera (ship to ship) was conducted in the Bridge Simulator of the Maritime Training Authority in Akko. During the course several exercises were carried out with an emphasis on operational safety. Among the participants in the…